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Changing corporate micro mobility for good!

Proton+ is a three-wheel electric vehicle for robust and safe transportation of employees in large working facilities. With Proton+, we aim to introduce an efficient, user-friendly and comfortable way of transporting between A and B in larger workspaces. Our vision is to help large companies, such as airports, warehouses, hospitals in reaching their full potential by moving their employees faster, easier and simpler - meanwhile reducing the CO2 footprint. 


Motorizing mankind's most natural mode of Mobility

We provide micro mobility solutions to our customers to increase their safety and efficiency by offering the most robust, flexible and easy to operate micro mobility device for work-related purposes.  

Ready to change mobility in your organization?


Accelerate personnel mobility

With Proton+ you can increase personnel mobility and accelerate mobility for multiple employees across the organization

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Increase capacity & efficiency

Increase capacity and efficiency of your workspace - 40 Proton's fit the same space as a parked car!

End-to-End solution

Let Proton+ be your end-to-end solution ensuring that relocation happens effectively and safely thanks to our multiple drivemode setting.

No heavy investment

No heavy investments, starting prices at €2.000,00!

Nordic designed & manufactured mobility device

Designed & manufactured in Copenhagen, Denmark & Engineered by German automotive engineers. The design philosophy behind Proton+ is clearly marked by the Nordic design philosophy - form follows function to provide simplicity and elegance in the design solution. 


Dual drivemode

The Proton+ has two driving modes, one intended indoor driving of up to 8 km / h and one intended outdoor driving of up to 20 km / h. The settings can be easily accessed by our software app on the device, or can be controlled and locked to specific properties depending on where the vehicle is to be used.

Stable Structure

Proton+ three - wheel construction, large platform and uncompromising material choices in which it is shaped, provides a tilt-free, stable construction. The Proton+ is designed for a load of up to 120 kg.



A selection of some of our partners who have helped make Proton + and Proton mobility® a reality.


Long range battery with optimized BMS

Having low-battery syndrome ? Well with Proton+ you don’t have to! With our long lasting battery management system, and our unique swappable battery module solution "Electron" for Proton+, it’s never been easier to constantly be on the move.

Elektronisk kredsløb
Flytning Folk

Anti-theft gives you freedom to not worry

Does your organization have many visitors on a daily basis and is theft or vandalized property a general problem? Well with Proton+ it doesn’t have to be! With the interchangable battery modules, Proton+ can simple not be driven, and with our dedicated Proton+ connectivity module, the devices can be tracked anywhere at any time!

Low weight mobility device build to last

Designed and Build with high end aluminum and carbon reinforced polymers. At Proton Mobility® the philosophy is form follows function, the product should radiate the environment it is to perform in.

Low weight device2.PNG

Easily configurable to suit you organizations needs

If your organization needs a special expression in terms of color, texture and user interfaces, this is no problem with our easy product configurator (Available online Ultimo 2021). Here, your Proton+ fleet can be tailored to suit your organization's needs. For now, please get in touch with our sales- & design team if you have any special requirements.

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