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Airport & Aviation industry

Working in the aviation industry, usually means that you get to walk a lot. Don’t get us wrong, this can be good and healthy, but repetitive and long-lasting strain to joints can mean faster attrition of employees, an increase of sick days and an increase of unsatisfied employees and poor working environment. Furthermore, we know for a fact that physical capacities and safety is of highest priority at many airport.  Why not get it all with the Proton+ ? 


Warehouse & Logistics

Huge warehouses and mega-factories (even giga-factories) are becoming small cities on their own. These require maintenance and physical inspection by employees, not to mention the distance covered just to pick the right order.-With Proton+, these challenges can be part of the past!

Indtjekning af hotel desk

Hotels and tourism

Looking for a tailormade solution to attract customers to book in at your hotel? Then Proton+ is the solution for you, where you can offer safe and robust micro mobility to your guests for seightseeing, all while your customers are branding your business. That's just a win-win!



Hospitals are often large working facilities where the distances between travels are long. In addition, it is often a place where safety requirements are greater, as there is a great variety of mixed traffic.​

With Proton+ you can increase personnel mobility and accelerate mobility for multiple employees across the organization in a safe and controlled way. Proton+ provides indoor speed regulation, great maneurebility making it the ideal candidate for mixed traffic use, it requires almost no training as it is balance free and our dedicated UI is compatible with a large range of ID cards increasing security and theft. 


Curious to know how much your organization can safe effectively transporting employees on a daily basis?

We are always ready for a chat over the phone or through other applications. We further always welcome you to visit one of our offices in Denmark or Germany for a coffee and a talk about how micro mobility might help accelerate your workforce.

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