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Our Mission

We bring the safest vehicle for employee relocation to market. We want to be the prefered micro mobility provider for the largest organizations in the world. We want to help the employees reach their full potential every day. We want to accelerate the employees being more productive and efficient

How it all came along

The Proton+ is a smart and usability-focused 3-wheel electrical vehicle for transporting people over shorter indoor and outdoor distances. The Proton+ was developed during a hardtech entrepreneurship course at Technical University of Denmark upon future mobility concept proposed by Continental AG. The Proton+ targets employees who needs to travel frequently within shorter distances, enabling them to become more effcient at work by easing their way of travel reducing their travel time substantially. 

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The early days

The uMover® as we called it back then, an abbrevation of u(rban) mover, was developed during a hard tech entrepreneurship course at the technical university of Denmark (DTU) upon future mobility concept proposed by Continental AG. The first prototype consisted almost exclusively of 3mm plywood boards laser cut and hand-assembled with glue - it was a puzzle game of more than 1000 pieces.

The early days

The very first prototype in the right materials was developed at the Technical University of Denmark in 2018 by a combination of sheet metal, welding, cutting, 3D printing and a whole lot of sanding and grinding to ensure a good fitting between the components. The picture says a bit about the approach to prototyping, or as Alan Lewis puts it: "If at first you do not succeed, get off the bigger hammer". Luckily, we only got to the medium-sized hammers to get it right. 

The early days

Prototyping until late at night, was daily diet to get developed, assembled and tested the first prototype of our device.
The very first prototype of our product was developed on the Arduino platform. This enabled us to quickly and efficiently test different setups, methods and components while the product continued to mature. 

The early days

Early days load testing, while iterating in the code to optimize drivability for the benefit of the user. We were still using the Arduino platform back then and one thing we realized from these tests was that the arduino development boards simply were to slow to use to measure and calculate positioning during high speeds, therefore giving a offsettet responsetime as the user were reacting on thing that in fact had passed. We new we couldn't proceed forever with the Arduino platform, but this was the great timing to start developing our own dedicated Proton+ PCB's.  


The early days

Developing the first prototypes and products for testing by commercial partners means becoming a bit of a nerd for cable assembly, routing and soldering. All aspects of Proton + are developed, assembled and thoroughly tested in-house before leaving our facilities and to be tested by commercial partners.

The early days

In October 2019 (Just before the global pandemic struck), we took our then prototypes, and went to Europes largest airport trade show in Munich, were we presented and promoted the uMover concept for 4 days. We used this opportunity to verify our concept and validate the market needs for the uMover device within our beachhead market, namely airports.

Not only did we make a lot of good contact during the 4 days, with several Key customers interested in testing the then uMover and replacing existing solutions, we were also perceived as one of the most remarkable innovations at the airport show.

uMover was perceived as an innovative solution to an actual problem, and customers found that the product could improve their efficiencies in a organizational context.


Proton+ Today

We are almost there! Proton+ is still under development. Currently we are perfecting our technology so that once we launch we ensure the best user experience on the market. 

As of now we are partnering with commercial partners, testing our product and technology on a larger scale in order to implement and improve our product, maturing it for a mass market introduction. Are you interested in being a commercial partner, and are you interested in the mobility of your employees in the workplace, and do you, like us, believe that there are good benefits both financially and in working environment by investing in better working conditions, then get in touch with us!

Founding team

Proton mobility was founded by Sebastian Zier(left) and Christian Andonovski(right) with the purpose of offering large companies safe, intuitive and easy mobility in their workplaces. Our development team is a diverse multidisciplinary team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, business developers and product designers

We have offices in Denmark and Germany

We always welcome you to visit one of our offices in Denmark or Germany for a coffee and a talk about how micro mobility might help accelerate your workforce.

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